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What goes in your pocket,
stays in your pocket.

Contouring to your curves –
staying securely in place.

Digiflexx Technology

Mobile Device with Flexible Display and Housing

Patent Approved #16358566

Steve Wozniak,
co-founder of Apple Computer

Donna D’Errico Baywatch
actress for flexiphone

Graham Eacock
Chief Research & Development Officer for Flexiphone
Mechanical Engineer
Holder of nine US patents

 Industrial model of Flexiphone view 1

Industrial model of Flexiphone view 2

Incredible Patents We Have That are Approved and/or Pending

  • Smoke Alarm System for fire prevention safety
  • Mobile Device Pants Pocket for style and comfort
  • Mobile Device and Accessory Case with Display Locking Feature for consumer privacy
  • Device for Securing a Replaceable Battery for electric and gas powered vehicles
  • Vehicle Battery Power Monitoring and Management Systems for electric vehicles

Out with the Old:

Standard Mobile Devices

  • Hard, rigid surfaces and encasements.
  • Uncomfortable and unhealthy for the back
    when carrying/sitting with a device in a
    back pants pocket.
  • Easy to damage when dropped.

It’s time to experience the first ergonomically friendly, flexible technology for mobile electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablets and more with  !


In with the New:

Flexible Mobile Devices

  • Softer, flexible surfaces and encasements.
  • Greater comfort and more healthy for the back when carrying/
    sitting with a device in a back pants pocket.
  • Flexible plastic parts make it shatter resistant and
    almost unbreakable!
  • State-of-the-art technology.
  • Comfortable to carry, hold and use.

Simply put, it’s COOL!

Contact us for more information and to learn how our technology can transform today’s mobile devices.

Meet the Inventor, Tom Hillery

Tom Hillery in Wall Street Journal

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Tom Hillery in Fortune magazine